About Us

Welcome to Junita’s Extreme Adventures


My name is Jeanette. I am the owner-operator of Junita’s Extreme Adventures. I have the privilege of living in Swakopmund on the stunning West Coast of Namibia. My children’s passion for the outdoors and my deep love for nature and traveling compelled me to create this company, so that you too may experience all that Namibia has to offer and the adventure that goes with it!

Having traveled the Namibian roads for over 14 years, I will give you an unforgettable African experience: staying in the most breathtaking places in our beautiful country immersed in all the contrasting cultures, landscapes, sights, and best of all – adventure!

Namibia has so much to offer, you can go through a lifetime’s worth of adventure in just one trip. Here is something for everyone to experience and enjoy.



At Junita’s Extreme Adventures, we aim to establish a profound connection with you our valued customer. We are dedicated to curating activities that align perfectly with your interests. Our tailor-made holiday packages are designed to transform your dream adventure into a reality. We offer fantastic holiday packages that are tailor-made to suit your needs and give you, your ultimate dream adventure getaway.  We are an All-in-one stop shop!

Our commitment is to ensure that you receive the finest experience in this breathtaking country, be it for business or leisure. We stand unwavering in our dedication to delivering the utmost quality and ensuring your satisfaction.



As your trusted destination manager for Namibia, we assume responsibility for every aspect of your journey. From crafting bespoke leisure tours for intimate private groups to facilitating corporate business events, we’ve got you covered. We handle pre and post-conference activities, along with assisting you in securing visas and flight reservations.

All our leisure travel offerings are highly adaptable to suit your unique preferences. You can also find us on platforms like http://safaribookings.com/ and many more.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you plan your dream trip. With many activities and various holiday packages catering to your interests and tastes, we’re here to make your dream adventure a reality.

Do not let this jewel of Africa slip through your fingers – seize the opportunity now!