Traditional Namibian cooking

Namibians are a very proud and passionate nation, and their food reflects their love for cooking.

Enjoy a traditional Western buffet with tastes of the popular mopane worm, Omahangu porridge, mutete, traditional beans, and the list goes on.

You have the opportunity to learn how to cook a meal with traditional Namibian ingredients.

First, you will enjoy Grocery shopping at a local food market, then you will prepare a delicious traditional meal with instructions from the restaurant manager.

If cooking is not for you, at least try the traditional dinner where friendly guides will pick you up, take you for a short guided walk through local markets, and walk you to the happy place where local singers a capella whilst enjoying a cold beer at the shebeen.

Remember you don’t want to miss the famous dish of Meat (Kapana) and pap(Omahangu)